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About Sandboarding in Dubai

In addition to being known for its ultra-modern infrastructure, the vibrant nightlife and stunning skyscrapers, the city of Dubai is also famous for its vast deserts, where one can indulge in a plethora of different adventure sports and activities. One such popular sport is sandboarding in Dubai, which gives you a chance to surf on sand. Similar to snowboarding, sand boarding is a solo adventure sport, perfect for thrill seekers visiting the deserts of Dubai. It involves securing your feet to specially-designed boards for the abrasive sands of the desert, and then surfing down the stunning gold and red dunes of the deserts here. All you have to make sure is that you maintain your control and balance whilst sliding down and amidst the majestic sand dunes.

A typical sand boarding tour in Dubai is part of a desert safari here, where you can explore the deserts in a rather new and unique way. As part of an experiential tour, sandboarding in Dubai also offers visitors the ultimate thrill on the rolling sand dunes of the desert. From reaching to the top of the dunes only to slide down on a smooth sand board, and doing it all over again, to getting your pictures taken whilst sand boarding, with the setting sun as your backdrop, this is sure to be the experience of a kind.


Dubai Sandboarding Ticket Variants

Sandboarding in dubai.jpg
Sandboarding in Dubai

Get a chance to go sandboarding in Dubai, for an exhilarating experience in the sand dunes of the Arabian desert. Enjoy round trip transfers to and from your hotel in Dubai, to the vast deserts here, early in the morning. Upon reaching the desert, indulge in different adventure sports with sandboarding, such as a quad bike adventure where you can race your way through the golden sands as well as camel rides. Enjoy a visit to a camel farm during your break from the activity, and relax with refreshments. Don’t forget to try different types of sandboarding when you avail this ticket.

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Quad Biking
Sandboarding, Quad Biking & Camel Ride

Choose an all-in-one package of sandboarding in Dubai, which lets you enjoy not just sand boarding, but also a camel ride and quad bike rides in the deserts. A perfect off-road adventure, away from the hustle of Dubai, this ticket option is perfect to explore the deserts in a unique way. From surfing from the top of the rolling dunes on a sand board, to getting your heart racing on an adventurous quad bike ride, this ticket lets you do it all. Then, you can also end your day with a relaxing camel ride, while enjoying views of the sunset from the back of the ship of the desert.

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Dubai City Sightseeing Tour
Desert Safari + Dubai City Tour + Dhow Dinner Cruise

Avail a package of a desert safari in Dubai, and add a Dubai city tour and dhow dinner cruise to it for an experience of a kind. Get a chance to explore the traditional as well as the modern sides of Dubai with this package. Gain deeper insights into the rich traditions and culture of the Arab region. This package consists of facilities like an English-speaking guide, along with delicious beverages, refreshments and a BBQ meal at a Bedouin camp and on the rooftop of a dhow cruise. Furthermore, you can also enjoy a plethora of desert sports by availing this package, including sand boarding, quad biking, etc.

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burj khalifa.jpg
Burj Khalifa + Dubai City Tour + Dhow Cruise + Desert Safari

For an all-in-one adventure experience of Dubai, book a complete package, which lets you enjoy an evening desert safari, a dhow dinner cruise in the Dubai Marina, a city tour of Dubai, as well as a visit to At The Top Burj Khalifa. From enjoying sandboarding in Dubai, quad biking, dune bashing as well as a delectable BBQ dinner during your desert safari, you can also tuck in to a memorable dhow cruise at the Dubai Marina, and enjoy live performances of Tanura dance while tucking in to your buffet dinner here.

This package also includes a city tour of Dubai, which lets you witness some of the iconic landmarks and attractions here, in addition to a visit to At The Top Burj Khalifa, from where you can soak in some of the most spectacular 360-degree views of the city.

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Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo
Burj Khalifa + Dubai Aquarium + Desert Safari + Dhow Dinner Cruise Tickets

This is one package that is sure to be hard to resist. This combo, which lets you explore four of the most popular activities and attractions in Dubai. From visiting the tallest observation deck in the world at the Burj Khalifa and enjoying stunning aerial views of the city, to witness hundreds of marine species, such as sharks, fishes and rays at the Dubai Aquarium, this package has it all.

You can even make your experience all the better by going for a dhow dinner cruise. Sail down the Deira Creek or Bur Dubai, whilst enjoying a delicious Arabic buffet dinner and refreshments. Finish your two day tour with a desert safari, where you can enjoy sand boarding, dune bashing, quad biking and a lot of other exciting activities.

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camel ride abu dhabi.jpg
Evening Desert Safari with Camel Ride & Sandboarding

Indulge in an evening desert safari, and get a chance to go sandboarding here. Explore the desert whilst on a camel ride, and gain deeper insight into how people used to travel in the deserts in the bygone eras. Feel the adrenaline rush within you as you strap your feet into a sand board and glide down the rolling dunes of the desert. Then, head over to a traditional Bedouin camp and enjoy a delicious BBQ dinner here, while also enjoying flavoured shisha, live fire shows, belly dancing and more.

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Why You Must Experience Sandboarding in Dubai?


1.) It is an Easy and Extremely Safe Sport sandboarding in Dubai is one of the easiest and safest sports to take part in the deserts, especially when compared to other adventure sports like dune bashing and quad biking. This is because it does not involve having to learn to drive or jump into a buggy or another vehicle. All you have to do in sand boarding is choose a sand board, get to the top of the sand dune, strap your feet into the board and slide down.

2.) It is One of the Best Solo Sports in the Region Most of the other desert sports in Dubai, from dune bashing to quad biking, are typically done in tandem, with other people or a trainer. However, sandboarding is a solo sport, wherein you do not require any other person to help or accompany you.

3.) It is Very Economical Tickets to sandboarding are typically sold as part of a desert safari, rather than standalone activities. However, you can avail a wide array of deals and offers on these tickets, thereby enjoying sandboarding at a very economical price, that is not too heavy on the pockets. Furthermore, you do not need to buy a sandboard, and can easily rent a board for low prices in Dubai.

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Useful Tips While Sandboarding in Dubai

Sandboarding at Dubai
  • Ensure that you carry sunglasses and a hat or cap, and apply sunscreen & checkout what to wear before going for sandboarding in Dubai
  • It is also advisable to carry water as well as light and dry snacks to remain energised during the activity
  • Since you will be out in the desert, you must also carry sanitiser to clean your hands before eating or after touching camels and the sand
  • It is also recommended to carry extra tissues as well as wet wipes with yourself, especially if you are enjoying the activity with children
  • Staying out in the desert in the heat is sure to make you sweat, so it is best if you carry an extra towel, or anti-perspirant wipes, or even a handkerchief, to keep the sweat at bay
  • Sand can stick to your legs during the activity, which can lead to itchiness, so it is advisable to coat your legs in beach powder or talc
  • Don’t forget to carry extra batteries as well as a power bank for your camera and phone since you will surely indulge in a lot of photography while you are here
  • It is also recommended to carry a sand proof bag to keep all your belongings in that
  • Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi also provide the experience of sandboarding, Enjoy you stay while you are in Abu-Dhabi
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Other Popular Adventure Activities in Dubai desert

Dune Bashing Dubai
Dune Bashing

One of the most popular adventure activities that you can do in the deserts of Dubai is dune bashing. This sport involves riding on a jeep or driving it at extremely fluctuating speeds on the varied terrains of the desert. It is a rather thrilling and bumpy ride that lasts for at least 45 minutes to an hour. One of the reasons that it is popular is because of the immense exhilaration that you can feel within yourself as the dune buggy or jeep races across the slopes of the sand dunes.

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Dubai Desert Safari
Quad Biking

Quad Biking is another one of the popular adventure sports that you can take part in at the deserts of Dubai. This is four-wheeled biking experience lets you ride down the sandy terrains of the desert for 30 minutes, thereby letting you explore it in a rather unique manner. It is nothing less than very speedy ride, with the setting sun acting as your backdrop. Owing to its high levels of speed, you will be guided by a professional trainer, who will not only give you a safety briefing, but also teach you how to ride the quad bike.

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Hot Air Balloon Dubai experience
Hot Air Balloon

To enjoy some of the most panoramic and unparalleled views of the Arabian Desert, you must try a hot air balloon ride when you are in Dubai. Floating high up in the sky, the hot air balloon ride gives you a stunning 360-degree aerial views of the sprawling sand dunes of the Dubai desert, in addition to offering you a chance to catch glimpses of the exotic desert wildlife. You can choose to go on a sunrise or sunset ride, and catch the rays of the sun spreading across the vast desert, and making it more beautiful. And while you are soaring several hundred feet above the ground, you can also catch views of the unending Persian Gulf, the Dubai cityscape as well as its iconic structures, such as the Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab.

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Dune Buggy (3).jpg
Dune Buggy

A dune buggy ride is another one of the popular activities that you can do in the Dubai desert. Said to be an even more adventurous variant of the 4x4 desert safari, a dune buggy ride lets you indulge in dune bashing in an open vehicle, rather than a closed one. Since this vehicle is open, it allows you to feel the impact of rolling and crashing amidst the sand dunes more intensely. However, it is best to enjoy dune buggy rides in the early mornings, when the heat is less, and there is lesser chance of the abrasive sand and dust flying all around.

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FAQs of Sandboarding in Dubai

Which combo would fit best for the Couples with Sand Boarding Dubai Experience?

The best combo for couples who wish to indulge in a sand boarding Dubai experience is the Burj Khalifa + Dubai City Tour + Dhow Cruise + Desert Safari. Whilst a visit to Burj Khalifa can offer spectacular views from the tallest observation deck in the world, couples can tuck in to a romantic dinner at the upper deck of a dhow cruise whilst also enjoying the illuminated cityscape.

A city tour of Dubai also gives couples a chance to pay a visit to the most famous attractions here, from age old souks, to the mosques, forts, as well as modern landmarks like the Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah and more. Finally, a desert safari is the best way to explore the deserts of Dubai, and includes various adventure activities like sand boarding, dune bashing, quad biking as well as BBQ meals and live shows at a Bedouin camp.

What you can Wear before Going to Sandboarding in Dubai?

When going for sandboarding in Dubai, it is best to wear comfortable and casual clothes, since sand can get everywhere during this activity. Just wear something that you would not mind getting dirty. In saying so, jeans or trousers, with t-shirts and long, full-sleeved shirts are the best clothes to wear. Additionally, you must try wearing light boots, or high-top shoes for this activity, since sand can get inside sneakers and low-top shoes during the activity, thereby making it difficult for you to walk.

What are the different types of Sandboards that can be used for Sandboarding in Dubai?

Bumsled This is a large board which you can use to sit on, lie on or even use for sandboarding with another person. It is a perfect board to carry two people.

Freeride Boards These are boards that are typically used for stand-up sandboarding, and consist of two main types:

Basic Boards It is a flat board which has Velcro straps that are used to secure your feet or shoes, and offer a medium performance

Professional Boards This board offers a high performance and is perfect for speed and endurance testing. These boards have inserts to place sandboard bindings or shoes, instead of Velcro straps.

Others: When going for sandboarding in Dubai, you also need board wax, which helps to smooth out the bottom surface of the snow boards, thereby giving them good friction against the abrasive sands.

Is there an age restriction for sandboarding in Dubai?

No, there is no age restriction for sandboarding in Dubai. However, children below 16 years of age should always be accompanied by an adult.

What should I keep in mind before I go sandboarding?

Before going sand boarding, you must keep a check on the weather conditions of that day. If you trying sandboarding first time then prefer strapping your boots on the board. Furthermore, you must carry a sand-proof bag with essential items, such as sunscreen, hat, lip balm, sanitiser, extra towel, etc. You must also wear closed-toe shoes for sandboarding.

Which combo is best to buy with Sandboarding in Dubai?

The combo of Burj Khalifa + Dubai City Tour + Dhow Cruise + Desert Safari is the best to buy with sandboarding in Dubai. This combo has the best experiences out of all, and spans across two days. It also lets you enjoy sightseeing, having delicious meals, visiting the Burj Khalifa as well as taking part in a variety of unique experiences and adventure sports in Dubai.

However, if you are short on time, then the all-in-one sandboarding, camel ride and quad biking package is the one for you. This combo tour lasts for a few hours, and allows you a chance to explore the desert by riding a camel.

Is sandboarding safe to do?

Yes, sandboarding is a safe activity to do. This desert-based sport involves sliding down the slopes of the sand dunes on specially designed boards that your feet are fastened to.

Where can you go for Sandboarding in Dubai?

1.) Lahbab Desert The Lahbab Desert is one of the best places in Dubai to go sandboarding. Boasting of tall, red sand dunes, with a height of 10 to 30 metres, sandboarding here is great for people of all ages.

2.) Al Faya Desert Also known as the Sharjah Desert, you can sandboard in red coloured sand dunes here. You can also find a huge cluster of tall dunes in the heart of this desert, which is the best place to showcase your sandboarding skills.

3.) Al Badayer Home to one of the tallest dunes in the area, called the Big Red, it is in Al Badayer where you can get a chance to sandboard from majestic dunes and indulge in the perfect adventure.

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