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Overnight Desert Safari in Dubai

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About Overnight Desert Safari Dubai

Get away from the concrete and steel world of Dubai and experience its adventurous side, close to nature. The golden sands of the vast deserts in the heart of Dubai make for exceptional locations for an overnight desert safari. Experience desert camping complete with scrumptious Arabian dinners, belly dancing as well as other traditional performances.
Take the overnight desert safari Dubai and get up and close to the local way of life in the open desert under an inky starry sky. Far from the bustling ultra-modern city life, you can spend a night within the grandeur of the Lahbab desert of Dubai, located close to the borders of Oman. After spending an adventure-filled day with activities like a dune bashing drive as well as a plethora of other fun activities like quad biking, sandboarding, camel rides, and more, you can unwind in the desert camp by the end of the day.

Relax in a typical Bedouin-like setting, campfire, and a sumptuous barbecue meal served piping hot along with an assortment of appetizers, salads, and desserts. Wake up to a breath-taking desert sunrise and enjoy a sumptuous breakfast before making your way back to the city.


Overview of Overnight Desert Safari Dubai

Spend a whole day and night of peace and tranquility in a unique desert setting complete with bonfires and delectable local cuisines. Your overnight desert safari will include a sleeping tent and bag where you can sleep at night. The other facilities include a souvenir shop, a sand art shop, private shisha at the table, fresh fruit juice, free and unlimited tea and coffee, a special brand of tea and coffee that you can avail of at the Boston Corner Shop, and much more.

You can enjoy adventurous activities while at the overnight desert safari in Dubai including horse riding, desert quad biking, long camel safari, photo with falcon, and much more, albeit some of them come at an additional cost.

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Best time to visit

  • Experience the intrinsic desert culture from close proximity on an overnight desert safari.
  • Unleash your adventurous streak with some thrilling activities some of which involve dealing with the highest dunes of the Arabian desert.
  • Camp under a starry night sky in the midst of a sandy desert in your very own tent and bag.
  • Spend a relaxed evening by a raging bonfire with stunning belly dancing performances and fire shows.
  • Relish delectable local cuisines and a sumptuous barbecue spread in keeping with the local culinary traditions and culture.
  • Enjoy the magic of a desert sunset as well as sunrise on your overnight desert safari in Dubai.
  • Dig into a wholesome breakfast that is included in your overnight desert safari before heading out of your camp.
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Why Go For An Overnight Desert Safari in Dubai?

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  • Explore the adventurous side of you by going for an desert safari in Dubai.
  • Enjoy the peace amid golden sands and the Arabian wilderness away from the buzz of city life.
  • Experience a night out in the desert under a sky full of stars.
  • Get your adrenaline pumping by trying out dune bashing, quad biking, and camel riding.
  • Unwind around bonfires lit in the evening with an assortment of snacks, tea, and coffee.
  • Enjoy traditional belly dancing, and Tanoura dance performed by professional dancers.
  • Relish scrumptious barbecue meals, typical Arabian cuisine dinner, and an elaborate spread for breakfast in the morning.
  • Enjoy all the aspects of desert camping from sunset to sunrise sky, with pleasant weather.
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Tips for your Overnight Desert Safari Dubai

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  • Carry good quality sunscreen and shades for your overnight desert safari as you will be spending a good deal of time out in the sun during the daytime.
  • Carry basic medications and first-aid, especially if you have motion sickness. Inform your local driver accordingly beforehand.
  • If you have a pregnant woman, very elderly members, or toddlers in your group, or you get carsick easily, it is advised to give it a miss primarily because of dune bashing
  • If you are a foreign national, keep your passport and visa details as well as carry your ID proof during booking as well as upon arrival
  • Your scheduled overnight desert safari is subject to postponement or rescheduling based on weather conditions.
  • During the Ramadan month, entertainment like belly dancing, alcoholic beverages, and music will be closed, so please cooperate accordingly. Other activities along with dinner and non-alcoholic drinks will, however, continue to be allowed.
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What to Wear for Overnight Desert Safari?

  1. If you are confuse , what to wear It is advisable that you should carry some loose and comfortable clothing during your overnight desert safari.
  2. For men, cotton or linen pants and shorts are the best options.
  3. For women, the best options are cotton or linen pants and T-shirts, or salwar kameez.
  4. Wear caps to protect your head from afternoon heat, and protect your hair from desert sand.
  5. Wear comfortable walking shoes or sports sneakers.
  6. Carry a hoodie if you are visiting here during winter, also make sure to carry a light jacket for morning and evening activities as well.

Overnight Desert Safari FAQ's

What is unique about an Overnight desert safari?

An overnight desert safari Dubai can be a unique experience in the true sense as you get to explore a strikingly different side of the very urban and sophisticated city of Dubai. Spending a night amid the quintessential desert lands, sand dunes, and Arabian wilderness can be an experience in itself.

Watch the sun rise and set from out in the desert for a magical experience while enjoying unique dance performances, and shows as you indulge in local cuisines organized by the safari operators. Spending a night under the stars as the light of the moon casts a white blanket on the dunes, is nothing short of magical scenes.

Enjoy the traditional Arabic tents where you are put up for a truly Bedouin-like experience and sip on a cup of tea or coffee. What makes the desert safari even more unique is the inclusion of thrilling activities such as dune bashing, etc.

What are the experiences included in Overnight Desert Safari Dubai?

The overnight desert safari encompasses a true desert experience as you are camped amid the golden sand and dunes of the Arabian deserts. Enjoy breath-taking sights from the desert especially on a moonlit and starry night from your special Arabian tent.

Your desert safari experience also includes enjoying live traditional dance performances and sumptuous barbecue meals. There are several other thrilling experiences included, like camel rides, sand skiing, sandboarding, quad biking, dune drives, dune bashing, henna painting, sunset photography, shisha (Arabian water pipe), and many more.

What to expect on an Overnight Desert Safari Dubai?

You can expect to feel like an Arab with a wonderfully peaceful stay in the vast desert with bonfires and fun activities. There are thrilling sports and adventurous activities including camel rides, to keep you engaged during the day and live shows and dance performances to unwind during the evenings. You will experience the traditional hospitality in these parts of the world as well as stunning sunset and sunrise views.

What is the pickup time of Dubai Overnight Desert Safari?

The pickup time for an overnight desert safari is usually around 2:30 PM – 3:00 PM from a specified location or your hotel.

What is the best time for Overnight desert safari in Dubai?

The best time for an overnight desert safari Dubai is during the months of October through March. The weather is quite ideal during this time for all the activities offered by the safari operators.

How to reach overnight desert safari in Dubai?

Desert safaris are organized by tour operators whom you need to contact to pre-book and coordinate your tour. These tour operators are responsible for your pick up either from your hotel or a common point that will be conveyed to you at least one day prior to your scheduled tour. On the assigned day you will be picked up from the designated spot in an SUV that will take you directly to the desert safari spot. Once you reach the entry point, you will have to change the SUV for another that is well equipped for desert rides. The entire tour needs to be organized by a tour operator alone as there is no way you will be able to access the main desert safari point by yourself.

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