Top Desert Safari Locations in Dubai

Dubai is known for its vast stretch of sandy desert, and one should definitely experience the beauty of it. Miles of uninterrupted golden sand dunes make for some of the top Dubai Desert Safari locations that draw visitors from all across the globe. From luxurious desert camping, delectable Arabian meals, and belly dancing performances, to adventurous desert sports cum adventures like dune buggy, quad biking, sandboarding, camel riding, dune bashing or hot air ballooning in dubai, traditional camel rides, and much more, desert safaris in Dubai are an all-encompassing experience.

If you are wondering where to go for Dubai Desert Safari, the options are endless with each locale presenting its own unique offerings. Witness vast stretches of deep red sands in the Al Lahbab Desert which will also give you a good taste of the local culture and way of living. If you are an adventure enthusiast and looking at hard-core desert sports activities like quad biking and dune bashing, you can choose the Liwa Desert. For some of the best traditional desert experiences, the Al Faya Desert is great as it organizes belly dance shows, bonfire, and scrumptious BBQ dinners.

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Al Lahbab Desert

One of the best Dubai Desert Safari locations, this is especially famous for its adventurous activities like dune bashing and sandboarding. Located about 50 km outside the main city of Dubai, AL Lahbab is a very popular location for its vast stretches of soft reddish sands that will give you some of the most memorable experiences. The desert received its name from a small local village here and your stay here will give you a taste of the rural lifestyle and deep-seated culture of the Arabian country. The safari also sets up Bedouin-style camps with barbecue meals which give a very typical vibe of the way of life here.

Morning Desert Safari
Jebel Maleihah

Situated on the main road that connects and Sharjah, this is among the most well-known Dubai Desert Safari locations for a unique rKalba eason. It is also known as the Fossil Rock and what sets it apart from other similar locales is that you can actually find marine fossils here. The main reason behind this is that millions of years ago, the UAE was located under the sea, more specifically, under the Tethys Ocean. When you are at the Jebel Maleihah, you can also visit another popular attraction nearby known as the Camel rock, which fascinatingly is in the shape of an actual camel.

Dubai Desert
Liwa Desert

The famous Liwa oasis is very popular among desert adventure enthusiasts, particularly seasoned dune bashers. Situated near the Rub Al Khali, the popularity of this Dubai Desert Safari location is primarily because it is home to the highest dunes in the whole of UAE. This makes it a renowned spot especially during festivals and tournaments and Liwa is known to host some of the biggest challenges in the country. While this keeps the place busy most of the year, it also attracts visitors for the rich cultural heritage it portrays. Home to fifty small villages, it is a great place to explore the traditional way of life in the deserts.

Dubai Desert

One of the most famous Dubai Desert Safari locations, Bidayer is extremely popular not only among thrill seekers but also among nature enthusiasts. It is popularly known as the Big Red owing to its rich terracotta red color that makes it stand apart from any other location of Dubai Desert Safari. The massive sand dunes here make it an ideal destination for outdoor sports like quad bike riding and dune bashing. The dunes here, however, are relatively easier to combat which makes it very popular among amateur drivers who like to try their hands at these desert activities.

Dubai Desert
Al Faya Desert

The location of this Dubai Desert Safari is such that it is very popular among visitors as it is not very far from the main city. Located just around 50 minutes drive from Dubai, the Al Faya Desert provides all the charms of a typical desert safari without having to venture too far into the wilderness. The massive desert is also known for its gently sloping hills which makes it extremely popular among novice adventurers who wish to try their hands at quad biking and sandboarding. The endless stretches of sand make this an ideal location for overnight camping as well.

Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve
Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

This is the country’s first national park which also forms about 5 percent of the emirate of Dubai. The conservative reserve serves as a protection for Dubai’s desert wildlife through its various conservation projects that aim at protecting the endangered flora and fauna of the area. The rich and well-maintained ecosystem of the place also puts it among the top Dubai Desert Safari locations that attract visitors from various quarters. It offers a plethora of desert activities like camel riding, horse riding, falconry, archery as well as sandboarding, and dune driving.

Dubai Desert
Rub Al Khali

This is one of the most renowned Dubai Desert Safari locations because it is also the largest contiguous sand desert in the whole world. For this reason, Al Faya Desert is sometimes referred to as the Empty Quarter as well. Spanning almost 650,000 square kilometers, you will behold stretches of golden sand dunes as far as the eyes can see. You can take a tour around the desert and explore the area on a jeep or on the back of a camel for a more local feel.

Dubai Desert
Al Awir Desert

Located at a distance of merely 35 km from downtown Dubai, Al Awir is a unique dubai desert safari location. It is known for its camel breeding and other agricultural pursuits apart from being a hot ground for desert sports like dune bashing and quad biking. This makes it very popular among tourists looking for adventure in the desert along with getting a feel of the quintessential desert lifestyle. It also offers a range of other unique activities for visitors that attracts a lot of footfall here, especially during weekends.

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