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About Dune Buggy in Dubai

Dune Buggy Dubai is a desert activity that offers exciting and thrilling off route driving experience to all its visitors. Grab your choice of buggy and get on the challenging Sahara desert to bash some rousing dunes and find the ultimate joy from these deserted areas. Dubai desert has smooth sand with a vast area available for you to enjoy various desert activities such as quad bike ride and sandboarding, included in dune buggy ride.

Climb over the massive dunes with high tech machines, as you witness your convoy leader forging the path in the middle of nowhere. These vehicles are specially designed with large wheels to provide the best rides on dunes along with an open rooftop.

Make it a two-in-one adventure by adding sandboarding into your list to add more excitement in your trip. Many photographers choose this activity to capture some striking pictures with the amazing landscape of Mleiha as their background. Sit tight and grab a handle so that you don’t get carried away with the sand storm created by this high speed dune buggy ride. To all the high speed car lovers, dune buggy in Dubai is one of the best activities to participate in, when on vacation.


What Makes Dune Buggy in Dubai Special?

Dune Bashing Dubai
Incredible Sunset

Dune Buggy Dubai is special as it offers a one of a kind view of the beautiful Mleiha landscape, as their backdrop.

This activity is popular among many photographers, who want to capture sand inspired aesthetic moments of nature. Especially during the sunset, when the sky is at its most beautiful self, one can just find the serene frames for their social media posts.

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Dune Buggy Dubai Fun
A Ride For Everyone

Dune buggy in Dubai provides the best of experience even to the beginner level candidates, as the place offers a tutor who trains you and guides you throughout your dune bashing journey.

One can always choose from single or double seated buggies to enjoy the mesmerizing landscape in their own way. This provides riders the freedom to choose their own drivable trails among the vast open space of the Sahara desert.

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Dune Buggy Dubai experience
Advance Safety Gears

Dune buggy is a risky sport but with proper gears and guidance one can smoothly complete their ride. In Dubai your safety and convenience is given high priority, which makes it more popular and special.

High quality gear is provided and guides are always there with you to help you out with all your query.

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Dune Buggy Dubai Overview

  • Look forward to a thrilling venture in the famous Sahara desert, after you get picked by the transfers available from your hotel.
  • After reaching the desert, get ready to bash on the dune of Sahara desert, offering an amazing scenic backdrop of Mleiha.
  • After your instructor trains you how to ride a dune buggy and provides you with safety gears, hop on to the amazing four seater 800-1000cc engine buggies.
  • Lead your way into the Sahara desert, with guidance from your tour guide and experience a successful journey across the golden sand.
  • Witness the incredible landscape of Mleiha city at the backdrop of the desert as you capture this beautiful ride in your mind.
  • Apart from the desert, you can also visit the famous Mleiha exhibition center, offering interesting facts about the place.
  • Be part of one of the best sunsets where the colorful sky offers a vibrant backdrop that will calm your mind.
  • Depending on your package, stay at the camp where you can enjoy sandboarding and quad biking
  • Start to end, experience a thrilling journey of high speed buggy ride of dune bashing in the massive desert with your loved ones.
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  • Discover the golden and barren terrains of the vast Sahara desert, with an exciting dune buggy in Dubai.
  • While riding, witness the sky changing its colors and offering one of the best sunset views in Dubai with an incredible Mleiha landscape as the backdrop.
  • For all the riders, professional dune buggy trainers are available, who will train and guide you throughout the journey, for a successful journey.
  • The activity offers a two hour long thrill as your buggies climb over these massive dunes.
  • Dune buggy Dubai also offers a visit to the popular Mleiha exhibition center, where you can gather more information about the place.
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Dune Buggy Safari Packages Options

60 min Dune Buggy Ride Packages
120 Minutes Dune Buggy Ride Packages

  • 60 min Dune Buggy Ride(800 cc) with Private Transfer: in this you will be provided with personal guides and transfers, along with sandboarding as one of the major highlights of the package.

  • 60 mins Dune Buggy Ride (10000cc) with private transfer: this package includes roundtrip transfers to all its guests along with private guide and transfers.

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What to Wear for a Dune Buggy Ride in Dubai?

  • If you wanna know about what to wear we would like to suggest you wear loose and comfortable clothes, in which cotton and linen clothing would be more preferable.
  • Cover your body with full-sleeves shirts and long pants, as the sun is quite hot for your skin, hence it is better to cover up as much as you can.
  • Wear footwear that will cover your toe, making it possible for you to be unbothered by the sand.

Dune Buggy Dubai Tips

Dune Buggy Dubai
  • Always listen to your trainer and guide and make sure you follow all the instructions given by them.
  • Check the size of helmets and other protection gears, offered by your instructors, to see if it fits you properly or not.
  • Never let go of your seat belt, as it will ensure your safety during the exciting ride of dune buggy Dubai.
  • Apply sunscreen and make sure to cover your head with hats to avoid heat strokes.
  • Wear comfortable and loose clothes with full sleeves t-shirts and long pants for a better experience.
  • Be alert from other riders while driving, as dune buggies are very small and are hard to spot at the corners.
  • In the desert area, heat is very high, hence bring a water bottle with you to stay hydrated during your journey.
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Dune Buggy Dubai FAQs

Is there a minimum age for Dune Buggy riding?

Yes, there is a minimum age of 15 years for riding dune buggies. It needs some professional training if you are a total beginner for riding a dune buggy in deserts.

How many passengers will be there in a Dune Buggy?

There can be either 2 or 4 passengers in a single dune buggy. It depends on the package you book with your tour operator, which also depends on the type of vehicle you want to ride.It can be a 800cc engine buggy or a 1000cc engine buggy offered for dune riding.

What should I wear for a Dune Buggy ride?

For dune buggy rides one should dress up in loose and comfortable clothes, featuring full sleeves t-shirts and long pants, to save oneself from high desert heat. It is suggested to wear clothes made of cotton or linen material.

Do you need a license to drive a Dune Buggy in Dubai?

No, a driving license or any kind of license is not required to ride a dune buggy in Dubai, but a minimum age limit of 15 years is there to make sure you are able to ride safely.

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