Dubai Desert Safari Deals

Bring thrill to your Dubai trip by choosing a package that suits you the best from an exciting range of Dubai desert safari tours. These desert safari Dubai deals and packages offer all types of safaris, whether you're looking for a morning safari, evening safari or an overnight safari all at amazing discounts.

The safari deals combine this special desert safari experience with a number of other exciting activities at never-before prices. All these deals are quoted at outstanding rates for the best, most hassle free and affordable holiday in Dubai.

Dubai Desert Safari Combo Deals

Dubai, brimming with some of the world’s most exquisite attractions and experiences, demands to be explored in its entirety. One of the best ways of spending time in the city is to combine a desert safari experience with one of the many exclusive experiences that Dubai has to offer. These value-for-money package deals not only allow one to organize their trip in Dubai, but also helps one budget their trip as per their interests.

The Dubai combo packages and deals offers city tours that take one through most of the city's best landmarks- the Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Al Bastakiya Soul and Palm Islands, among others- with the day ending with an evening safari on the Dubai deserts. Certain packages also combine special experiences, such as the Dhow Cruise or a tour of the Burj Khalifa, with a desert safari.

Adventure Activities in Dubai Desert

Safari in Dubai essentially means a day full of adventure, whether it be dune bashing, riding a buggy, dune buggy, sandboarding or going on a camel ride. Touring the Dubai desert is not merely a passive experience, but an immersive one that allows one to truly explore their adventurous side. Adventure junkies will have a splendid time at hot air balloon ride or buggy riding, which essentially involves riding a vehicle across the undulating dunes. Those looking for a slightly more luxurious or romantic experience will have a splendid time on a hot air balloon adventure as well.

Dubai Desert Safari Tour Overview

The Dubai desert safari offers an exclusive opportunity to explore the golden sands of the Lahbab desert, brimming with beauty. The tour commences in the afternoon, as you are picked up from your hotels in comfortable, fully air conditioned vehicles. Once at the Lahbab dunes, you'll be spending the day indulging in a variety of exciting desert adventures, including but not limited to dune bashing, sandboarding and dune buggy riding. All activities of course, are entirely guided, and conducted under the supervision of the expert.

Post safari, travelers will make their way to the campsite, where comfortable Bedouin tents await them after a hectic day of safari adventures. However, the tour does not end just there; henna designing, private shisha tents, sand art corners are some of the many experiences that await one at the camp. An unlimited provision of tea and traditional Arabic coffee will be served throughout the evening. Lastly, the safari draws to a close with an elaborate Arabian dinner spread, accompanied by a Tanoura dance show, a belly dancing performance and a fire show.

Pick Up and Drop
Dubai Desert Safari.jpeg
  1. Travel through the golden sands of the Dubai desert on your comfortable 4x4 vehicle as you set off on your safari across the beautiful desert
  2. Try out a number of exciting adventure sports like sandboarding, dune bashing, ATV biking and hot air ballooning
  3. Lounge in a traditional Bedouin tent as you witness an enthralling Tanoura and belly dancing performance
  4. End the day with a scrumptious barbecue dinner spread having both veg and nonveg options
  5. Receive an instant confirmation voucher upon booking the safari online
  6. Enjoy the luxury of doorstep pick up and drop off at your hotel both before and after the Dubai desert safari

Dubai Desert Safari at A Glance

The Dubai desert safari is a perfect mix of a cultural and an adventure tour which on one hand allows tourists to engage with the best of desert adventure sports and on the other hand offers a glimpse into the traditional arts of the Middle East.

Travelers can choose the best Dubai desert safari of their choice- the morning safari, evening safari, overnight safari or the red dune bashing safari. The main attraction of every Dubai desert safari is the traditional dune bashing experience, expertly conducted by a trained guide. Tourists can also choose from a variety of other adventure sports- such as dune buggy rides, sandboarding, or ATV biking- to complement their day of adventure in the desert. Also you can also book Dubai Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner experience and Camel rides are another exciting addition to the trip, and is one of the most interesting cultural experiences on a Dubai desert safari.

The desert safari culminates at a designated campsite, where tourists can spend time exploring traditional sand art, making henna tattoos or watching traditional dance performances. The evening safaris end with a fantastic traditional barbecue dinner under the stars, marking a befitting end to the remarkable experience. Those opting for an overnight safari experience also get to experience a night of stargazing on the desert, followed by a stunning desert sunrise in the morning.

Dubai Desert Safari Options

Morning Dubai Desert Safari.jpeg
Morning Desert Safari Dubai

Many regard the morning to be the best time for a Dubai Desert safari, owing to the pleasant and windy weather that persists before the midday sun comes into its full power.

Traverse through the Dubai desert in a 4x4 vehicle and enjoy the stunning views. Tourists can choose from a variety of activities to indulge in throughout the day, such as sandboarding, dune bashing or buggy riding. Hot air balloon rides too are available during the morning safaris. The safari experience ends with a traditional breakfast spread at the desert campsite.

Evening Desert Safari Dubai.jpeg
Evening Desert Safari Dubai

The evening desert safari in Dubai promises the quintessential desert adventure experience. The safari commences in late afternoon, thus promising one incredible view of the sun as it sets over the golden sands. Travelers spend the evening on adventure sports, choosing from dune buggy rides, dune bashing and sandboarding experiences.

The evening desert safari does not end just there; once back at the campsite, safarists are treated to a fantastic dance and fire show, along with a barbecue dinner with a delicious range of international and traditional delicacies.

Ovenight Desert Safari Dubai.jpeg
Overnight Desert Safari Dubai

Ever dreamt of spending a night in the open desert? Now get a chance to bring this dream to life with an overnight safari on the Dubai deserts. The overnight safari commences in the early evening, just as the sun is setting. Travelers spend the post-sunset hours indulging in a variety of adventure sports, dune bashing and sandboarding being two of the most popular options.

Upon arriving at the campsite, one is treated to evening snacks and Arabian coffee. The day ends with a dance performance and a barbecue dinner spread at camp. The night is spent in well equipped tents with sleeping bags. The safari finally comes to a close with a beautiful desert sunrise and a delicious breakfast spread the next morning.

Red Dune Desert Safari Dubai.jpeg
Red Dune Safari

The Red Dune desert safari in Dubai combines a dune bashing adventure with cultural experiences, and is the best Dubai desert safari package for those not heavily inclined towards adventure. After an evening of dune bashing, tourists are led to a campsite for a night of leisure. The audience witnesses a belly dancing and Tanoura dance performance. Those looking for an exciting photo opportunity can even opt to dress up in a traditional Arabian outfit and pose for a picture. The red dune safari campsite also features a designated shisha corner which can be used by the travelers according to their leisure.

VIP Desert Safari Dubai.jpeg
VIP Dubai Desert Safari

One of the best luxury desert safari Dubai packages, the VIP Safari lets one explore the desert like royalty. The safari experience begins with an evening of dune bashing across the desert dunes. Having witnessed a magical sunset on the desert, one then travels to the designated campsite.

Henna tattoos, sand art and fresh juices are some of the many stalls at the desert campsite, although one can also opt for a costume photography. The desert safari ends with a delicious dinner with a traditional dance and fire show performances.

Private Desert Safari Dubai.jpeg
Private Dubai Desert Safari

The private safari offers an exclusive tour of the Dubai desert. As opposed to shared safaris, the private safaris allows one to enjoy the experience only in the company of their loved ones. The safaris are designed exclusively for the participating guests, keeping in mind every need and preference.

Tourists can choose from a range of adventures from a standard range of dune bashing, buggy riding, sand boarding and camel riding. Safaris end with a dinner at the Bedouin campsite, along with a dance and fire show performances. All transfers to and from the hotel are done in private vehicles.

Things to Do in Dubai Desert

Dune Bashing Dubai.jpeg
Dune Bashing

Dune bashing can be one of the coolest things to do in a Dubai desert safari for adrenaline junkies. Cruising through the highs and lows of the Dubai desert, one witnesses a marvelous, otherwise unseen view of the stunning golden dunes.

The extreme sport involves driving across sand dunes in varying speeds, usually in an equipped 4x4 vehicle. Dune bashing adventures are conducted only by trained drivers, with participants generally riding shotgun or in the backseat.

Hot Air Ballooning Dubai.jpeg
Hot Air Ballooning

A hot air balloon ride can be one of the most enchanting experiences in a Dubai desert safari, whether you’re traveling with a loved one, with a group of friends, or with family. Rising above the horizon, one witnesses unobstructed, panoramic views of the desert dunes stretching below them.

Hot air balloon safaris on the Dubai deserts generally take place during the morning, ideally during sunrise. The weather and wind conditions during these hours make it the ideal time for flight. Flying during sunrise, one gets to witness magical views of the sun rising above the glittering, golden desert as well.

Quad Biking Dubai.jpeg
Quad Biking

Quad Biking is another one of those extreme sports tailored for adventure junkies going for desert safari in Dubai. Quad bikes - or All Terrain Vehicles- are four wheeled bikes that can travel across difficult off-road tracks, making it suitable for traveling across the desert sands.

One has full control over their bikes, and can independently navigate their vehicles across the sand. Riding a quad bike does not require prior experience in biking. Quad biking is included as part of several dubai desert safari packages, although one can rent out their own bikes as well.

Camel Safari Dubai.jpeg
Camel Safari

A desert safari in Dubai would remain incomplete without a ride on the ship of the desert. Apart from being an excellent means of exploring the desert, camel rides are also an intrinsic cultural experience in Dubai.

Riding between the humps of a camel, riders travel through Dubai’s immense desert landscape, marveling at the splendid golden dunes. Camel rides on a dubai desert safari are entirely guided, with tamers guiding the animals along in a line. Camel rides can be taken on a morning, evening or even a night desert safari.

Sandboarding in dubai.jpg

When it comes to adventure sports, sandboarding stands out as one of the most unique things to do on a Dubai desert safari. Sandboarding is a lot like snowboarding- one straps themselves on to a flat board and glides down gigantic sand dunes.

The sensation is one of flying, or surfing a steady wave. It’s also a solo sport that does not require any previous knowledge, making it a popular choice among those going for desert safaris in Dubai.

Dubai Desert Safari -1 .jpeg
Dune Buggy

The Dune Buggy ride in the Dubai desert safari is a self drive ride-through-the-desert experience. The Dune Buggy is a comfortable and fun ride for the entire family. Jumping and bumping over the dunes across the desert.

All dune buggy rides are preceded by an instruction session where the guide takes one through the do’s and don'ts of handling a buggy. The riders are also equipped with all required safety equipment, including helmets and goggles, which must be put on throughout the ride.

Dubai Desert Safari Belly Dance Show.jpeg
Traditional Dance Show and Performances

Most desert safaris in Dubai are followed up with a traditional dance performance at the campsite. Participants are treated to an exquisite belly dancing performance, conducted by Arabian women wearing traditional dance costumes.

Spectators also get to witness a Tanoura Dance performance. Initially originating in Egypt, the Tanoura dance is now extremely popular in the Arab world. The word Tanoura literally means ‘skirt’, and refers to the elaborate skirt that the dancers wear while performing. One of the unique features about the Tanoura dance is that it is performed only by men.

Dine in the Dubai Desert.jpeg
Dine in the Desert

The Arabian Meal forms the deserving end to the fantastic desert safari in Dubai. The meal is a mix of traditional and international fares, although it's suggested that you try out the traditional cuisine. Dinner is usually a barbecue, with the famous Arabian grilled meat being the special menu.

The traditional Arabic coffee closes the meal. Dining in the desert comes with the bonus of beautiful desert views, whether you’re enjoying a dinner after an evening of dune bashing, a breakfast at the end of a hot air balloon ride, or a lunch after a morning of camel safari in the Dubai desert.

Why to Go On a Dubai Desert Safari?

Dubai Desert Safari.jpeg
  • Get a chance to explore the best and most beautiful spots across the Dubai desert with an experienced guide.
  • Stop for a fantastic photograph of the sunset- one of the truly magical sights that you will come across on any desert safari in Dubai
  • Explore the rise and fall of the Dubai dunes on a dune bashing adventure, led and carried out by expert drivers who are well versed in the sport
  • Learn how to sandboard across the slopes as you strap your adventure boots on
  • Ride a dune buggy through the Dubai desert trails, rewarding yourself with the thrill of navigating your own vehicle through the desert
  • Witness a splendid performance of belly dancing and the Tanoura dance, which is a traditional Egyptian form of dancing
  • Complement your day of adventure with a camel ride, a henna tattoo session, or a photography session in a traditional Arabic outfit
  • Enjoy a fantastic dinner spread at the campsite, with a variety of international and traditional delicacies to choose from
  • Spend a night of stargazing with the overnight safari packages, retiring to sleep in well equipped tent camps on the desert
  • Treat yourself to a special hot air balloon ride in the morning desert safari in Dubai
  • You can also experience a vibrant and thrilling desert safari in abu dhabi as well

Know Before You Go for Dubai Desert Safari

What to Wear
Best Time to Visit
Dune Bashing Dubai.jpeg

There are multiple locations for desert safari in Dubai:

  1. Hatta Mountains: Located just outside the main city of Dubai, the Hatta Mountains are home to beautiful golden deserts and the little Hatta Village. Safari at the mountains generally take place along the Hatta village oasis; apart from a desert tour, one also gets a glimpse into the ways of Arabic village life at Hatta.

  2. Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve: The first national park in the UAE, the Dubai Desert Conservation reserve was opened with the aim to protect the natural deserts in the region. Desert safari at the Reserve offers glimpses of some of Dubai’s most unique and endangered wildlife, such as the Arabian Red Fox, the Caracal, the Sand Cat and the Arabian Hare.

  3. Lahbab Desert: The Lahbab desert is undoubtedly the most popular spot for desert safaris in Dubai. The rolling red-and-golden dunes here are dotted with several Bedouin tents and campsites. Lahbab is also a great safari spot for those seeking special cultural experiences, such as camel riding or dance performances.

Dubai Desert Safari Tips

  • Do wear suitable clothing and footwear while going on a desert safari
  • Carry a portable camera or phone charger to keep your devices recharged to capture your best moments and experiences on film
  • Pay close attention to the instructional session before any adventure sport, and make good use of your tour leaders’ invaluable expertise
  • If you’re going for a morning safari, make sure you have enough sun protection at hand
  • Wear all safety gears- helmet, belts, goggles et al- at all points during an adventure activity

Dubai Desert Safari FAQs

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